Published On: Thu, Jan 31st, 2019

“Deadly Danger”: Soros Warns Of New Technologies In Chinese Hands

Star investor George Soros says open society is at risk when artificial intelligence is abused by authoritarian states.

Billionare George Soros

Star investor George Soros has warned against the effects of advanced technologies in the hands of authoritarian states. Open societies are exposed to a “deadly danger” if machine learning and artificial intelligence are used as control instruments, the Hungarian-born 88-year-old said on Thursday evening on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Especially with the Chinese project of a social credit point system, the billionaire went to court. People would be judged by algorithms according to whether they are a threat to the state. “That will subordinate the fate of the individual to the interests of the one-party state to a degree unknown to history,” Soros said. China is not the only authoritarian regime in the world, but it is the most prosperous and technologically advanced. This makes China’s President Xi Jinping the most dangerous opponent of open societies.

In addition, Soros targeted Beijing for his quest for power in the project “New Silk Road”. China is trying to secure economic and political influence through infrastructure investments in neighboring states and emerging economies.

“Instead of starting a trade war with virtually the whole world, President Trump should focus on China,” Soros said. The Chinese tech companies ZTE and Huawei, however, let him get away too easily. If these companies were to dominate the market for the future fast mobile standard 5G, they would pose an unacceptable security risk to the rest of the world, according to Soros.

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