Published On: Sun, Jan 27th, 2019

Brexit Consequences: European Medicines Agency Headquarters Closed In London

According to a report by the newspaper, about 900 jobs are lost in over all because closing of medicines agency EMA.

EMA HQ Closes in London

About two months before the planned Brexit, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has closed its doors in London. According to a report by the newspaper, Britain will lose about 900 jobs.

The EU authority is relocating to Amsterdam. The EMA is the regulatory authority for quality and safety of medicines. The move was necessary because of the upcoming EU exit. Even Vienna was advertised as the new location of the EMA.

On Friday evening, the 28 EU flags had been collected and farewell speeches were given. “This is a sad day for the UK and a great day for the Netherlands,” said Welcome Foundation Director Jeremy Farrar on the move.

Almost all EMA employees moved to the Netherlands with their families. They will initially work in an eleven-story building to the west of the city. On behalf of the state, a new headquarters for the EMA is currently being built in the capital’s financial center. It should be ready in November.

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