Published On: Sun, Apr 7th, 2019

Gun Shots In North Of Copenhagen: One Dead, Four Injured

The police suspect behind a dispute between two local gangs.

crime-scene in denmark

In shots north of Copenhagen, a young man was killed on Saturday night. Four other men in young adulthood were injured, said investigators Lau Thygesen from the police North Zealand (Nordsjælland) late in the evening at a press conference in the city of Elsinore.

The police suspect that it is an altercation between two local gangs.

It would be searched for the one or those who had fired the shots. Among the victims are probably no uninvolved passers-by.

The shots had fallen in the early evening in the community Rungsted about 30 kilometers north of Copenhagen. In pictures of the crime scene was to be seen in the connection that several rescues and police cars stood in a curve of a coast road.

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