Published On: Tue, Nov 27th, 2018

Heavily Decayed Corpse Discovered In Remote House

Policemen who had been called to a house in Sieggraben in Burgenland have found something really terrible. In the living room of the remote building, the investigators discovered a heavily decayed corpse. Although the official confirmation is still pending, everything indicates that it is the owner.

Decayed Corpse Found

It was a lonely death, which apparently overtook the pensioner weeks ago. After he had collapsed in Sieggraben in the living room of his house- it once belonged to his deceased mother- he staying there and died. Nobody missed him in the church. “We knew him by sight, but he was actually here only in the warm season, used it as a summer home,” said the tenor of the shocked neighbors. In Vienna too, a pensioner apparently did not leave anyone.

Only when a neighbor wanted to deliver an invitation, he realized that the mailbox was literally full. When no one opened on repeated knocking, he notified the executive. As the officers entered the house, the policeman immediately smelled offensive odor. Which later confirmed the worst fears. Although it looks like a natural death, it shall be determined when the test reports come.

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