Published On: Wed, Jan 23rd, 2019

Kidnapping Alarm In Burgenland

Large-scale operation in Burgenland following the kidnapping of an 88-year-old from the street. According to Interior Minister Herbert Kickl, the police are pursuing several investigative strands.

Kidnapping Alarm In Burgenland

Large-scale police checks Tuesday evening in Eisenstadt and surrounding area, heavily armed officials who stop cars, especially Hungarian vehicles, leave drivers bargain: On Tuesday afternoon an 88-year-old woman was abducted, as it was in first reports, she was abducted from the street. A little later, at about 17 o’clock, the manhunt was running at full speed.

“The 88-year-old was traveling with her caregiver when two black limousines stopped and let the woman get into one of the vehicles,” said police spokesman Helmut Marban on Tuesday evening.

According to this, the incident took place around 3:30 pm in Esterhazy Street. From the vehicles, a tall blond woman, who is said to have worn a hood, and a man to have dropped out. The media reported that the nurse had been violently pushed aside by the woman and the 88-year- old had been dragged into one of the cars. She wore a dark red coat, a black cap, black shoes, and brown gloves.

As for the identity of the kidnapping victim, “at the present time, we can not say anything for criminal-tactical reasons and victim protection,” Marban said. When asked if it would not be more helpful in a kidnapping case to mention the victim’s name or publish a photo, he said, “Possibly, if circumstances are known, we have decided not to comment at this time.”

It was completely unclear what backgrounds the kidnapping might have. Ransom demands were not received at the time.

Minister of the Interior Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) declared Tuesday on the possible kidnapping case in Eisenstadt that the search is under way. He announced that he had spoken to the investigators and that several lines of investigation were being pursued. “At the moment we are not really sure whether it is a kidnapping in the classical sense,” he would therefore make no premature statements, said the Minister of the Interior. More information will be published during the course till Wednesday. At the moment it is too early to go into details, said Kickl.

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