Published On: Wed, Mar 6th, 2019

London: Three Letter Bombs Discovered At Train Station And Airports

At London Heathrow Airport, City Airport and Waterloo Station, police found letters with explosives.

Explosive Parcels in London

Several small letter bombs were discovered on Tuesday in various locations in London. The anti-terrorist unit determined. At first, there were no arrests. Envelopes containing small yellow plastic bags were found near London City Airport, Heathrow Airport, and Waterloo Station.

These were explosives, but probably only able to cause minor fires, Scotland Yard said. Nobody got hurt.

All three envelopes were discovered in administrative buildings. The police assume that the incidents are interrelated. At least two of the three letter bombs were franked with Irish stamps and had Dublin as the sender address. The Irish police were involved in the investigation.

At first, nothing was known about a motive. The air traffic was not affected, also at the station Waterloo, there were no failures. Only the trains to City Airport did not run at times.

One of the A4 envelopes went up in flames when opened by a member of staff at Heathrow Airport. The building, which is not located directly on the airport, has been evacuated.

The envelopes at London City Airport and Waterloo Station could be defused, without the explosives were triggered. At the City Airport, a building was temporarily evacuated as a precaution. At Waterloo Station, a small area outside the station was closed off.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan thanked the security forces for their speedy response. He called on the population of the capital and visitors to stay alert and report suspicious parcels.

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