Published On: Sat, Nov 10th, 2018

Record Attendance: 515,000 Visitors Expected On Viennese Balls

The ball season in Vienna is in the starting blocks and already a record of visitors for the season 2018/19 is expected. The most popular ball is the Kaffeesiederball again next year.

ball season in austria

“We assume that around 400,000 Viennese will come to the balls,” said Markus Grießler, chairman of the tourism and leisure industry, in a press conference on Friday. In addition, there are 115,000 guests from the federal states and abroad. Overall, this is an increase of 10,000 visitors over the previous year.

One of the reasons for this is that the ball season is significantly longer than in the previous year. It is traditionally opened at the beginning of Carnival on November 11 and lasts until Fat Tuesday, which falls on March 5, 2019. “We have a relaxed ball season ahead of us, where it is possible to attend several balls that may have been very compressed last year,” said Grießler. The first ball this year is the Rauchfangkehrerball (16 November), on 5 March 2019 the Elmayer- Kränzchen completes the official season.

“This fifth season has a high economic importance for the entire Viennese economy”, emphasized Maria Smodics-Neumann, Spartenobfrau trade and craft in the Viennese economic chamber. Expenses of 145 million euros are forecast, which is 6 million more than it in the previous year.

According to a survey carried out by KMU Forschung Austria on behalf of the Chamber, the plan for guests to spend an average of €280 per visit. Of these, €180 will be spent on tickets and food and drinks on the ball. For wardrobe, shoes, accessories, jewelry and dance course €55 budgeted and 45 € will be spent on expenses directly before the ball visit – such as for taxi rides, hairdresser, cosmetics and dinner.

According to the poll, the ball visitors place a high value on etiquette. Courtesy and above all the observance of the clothing regulations, said Smodics-Neumann. The ranking of the most popular balls will be held this year by the Wiener Kaffeesiederball (22nd of February), followed by the Zuckerbäckerball (17th of January) and the WU-Ball (12th of January).

The trend this year is ball gowns in gemstone colors, ruby ​​red, emerald green or sapphire blue. In addition, elaborate, opulent hairstyles are worn. “Something is happening, even with the men. The men are getting bolder,” predicted Smodics-Neumann. Although tuxedos and tails are still worn in black, but it is more often played with the materials. Light brocades or inserts with lurex threads provide shine.

The most popular Viennese balls

Coffee Ball (22.2.2019)

Zuckerbäckerball (17.1.2019)

WU-Ball (12.1.2019)

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