Published On: Wed, Apr 17th, 2019

Stalin’s Nostalgia Reaches New Record Levels

Majority of Russians see dictator as big leader.

Josef Stalin

The dictator and mass murderer Josef Stalin reaches new records in the assessment of the Russian population: According to a survey by the independent Levada Center, 70 percent of respondents rated his rule as good for the country, 51 percent see Stalin as a positive leader (40 percent were a year ago).

Precisely because of the sinking standard of living and the annoyance with the pension reform, the people in Stalin would see a figure that has provided social justice, explains the pollster Karina Pipia. But people did not want to go back to their dictatorship.

The Stalin nostalgia is also a consequence of the Kremlin’s efforts to downplay its tyranny and portray Stalin as a modernizer, victor over Hitler and leader, who drove the Soviet Union to the superpower.

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