Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2019

Several Town Halls In Germany Evacuated Because Of Threats

The German police carry out large-scale operations in several German cities, including Augsburg, Chemnitz, and Göttingen.

Bomb Attack Report In Germany

Town halls have been evacuated in several German cities on Tuesday morning. According to first findings, Augsburg, Göttingen, Kaiserslautern, Chemnitz, Neunkirchen in Saarland and Rendsburg in Schleswig-Holstein were affected.

In Göttingen, the authorities cleared the city hall after a bomb threat in the morning. The building was searched with explosives detection dogs. The streets around the town hall were closed, public transport was widely diverted.

In Augsburg, after a threat of violence, there was a large-scale deployment of the police, the town hall was evacuated, tram lines that go over the town hall square were stopped. In Kaiserslautern had received a Drohmail, said a police spokesman. The forces were also disengaged with explosives detection dogs. The area around the town hall has been cordoned off extensively. But there is currently no concrete threat, stressed the spokesman. The measures would be carried out as a precautionary measure.

Also in the Saarland Neunkirchen ran in the morning a police intervention after a bomb threat. “The city hall remains temporarily closed,” said a spokeswoman for the police in Saarbrücken. Again, a Drohmail had been received before. In recent days, such threats to city halls and courts had accumulated.

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