Published On: Mon, Dec 10th, 2018

Social Bots Made Mood Against Migration Pact

More than a quarter of all tweets on the UN Migration Pact are said to come from bots -a proportion more than ever since the German parliamentary elections.

Social Bots Agains Migration Pact

In the debate on the UN migration pact, an extraordinary number of so-called social bots on the internet have been vying against the international agreement. This reports the newspaper “The World” (Monday edition), citing an analysis of the German company Botswatch, were evaluated in the hundreds of thousands of short messages in the online service Twitter.

According to this, more than a quarter of all tweets in the Migration Pact (28 percent) are due to social bots, i.e programmed participants in social networks who pretend to be real people. According to the analysts, the average for political discussions is about half (10 to 15 percent).

According to Botswatch, the proportion of social bots observed in the migration pact is as high as it has been since the German general election in Germany. For example, allegations were made that the German government was trying to deliberately deceive the public in the migration pact. For the study Botswatch examined about 800,000 tweets, which were published between 24 November and 2 December.

Among the networks studied, there were links to the protests of the “Yellow Vest” movement in France, writes the “World.” According to the authors of the study, the impression of a cross- border movement should be established. The same networks, which are active against the migration pact, are therefore also active in the subject of diesel bans. Potential backers of the Social Bots are not included in the analysis.

The UN Migration Pact will be adopted at a conference in Marrakech starting on Monday. The Pact includes a number of guidelines and measures, the implementation of which is not legally binding. At its heart is better cooperation in migration policy and standards in dealing with refugees. There were some heated debates about the migration pact in recent weeks. A number of states have moved away from the pact.

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