Published On: Sat, Jan 19th, 2019

“Fat woman”: Meghan’s Reaction To Public Insult

The employee of an animal welfare organization confronted the pregnant Duchess with the offending statement.

Meghan Markle

As a dedicated animal rights activist, Duchess Meghan wanted to show only a bit of love for animals during her visit to the “Mayhew” shelter in London this week, but was confronted by a colleague with a questionable “compliment” that bordered on an insult.

The pregnant Duchess had recently taken over the patronage for the animal welfare organization and paid a visit to the shelter. During her visit, Meghan not only stroked dogs, but also chatted with staff and volunteers.

The palace reported live on Twitter about the visit of the Duchess of Sussex and how Meghan wants to support the animal welfare organization in the future.

However, as a Twitter user noted, Meghan was referred to by a lady working for the shelter at the welcome as a “fat lady”.

The pregnant Duchess responded calmly to the commentary on her growing baby bump and also showed humor. Harry’s wife laughed out loud and said, “All right, I suppose.”

On Twitter, however, the encounter caused mixed reactions.

“Perhaps not the best adjective that can be used to describe a pregnant woman,” wrote a user. However, numerous users defend the unknown woman for her testimony. As a follower wrote, “This is Jamaica slang, the woman is Jamaican, which means Meghan is very pregnant, that was not meant to be evil.”

Another clarified: “In Jamaica and Barbados the statement ‘fat girl’ is a compliment.”

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