Published On: Tue, Mar 12th, 2019

Formula 1: The Balance Of Power On The Asphalt

Ferrari enters the new World Cup season with the fastest car. World Champion Lewis Hamilton still sees Mercedes on the right track and is doubly hungry. Max Verstappen should make the title hunt a three-way fight.

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The long wait for Formula 1 fans comes to an end when the traffic lights turn green again on Sunday in Melbourne. After camouflaging and deceiving during the test drives, the first of 21 race rounds of the season – on the 30th of June the motorsport premier class will return to Spielberg – will shed some light on the balance of power. “Ferrari currently has the fastest car. This will be our biggest fight so far and a big challenge to catch up, “said World Champion Lewis Hamilton, who emphasized the opportunity:” We have to climb a mountain, but we know how to do it. ”

In Australia, it will be seen if the backlog of silver arrows is really up to half a second per round. Mercedes stayed covered in the tests in Barcelona, revealed only in the second week the scheduled for the season aerodynamic design. “There are still question marks everywhere, but we’re on the right track,” Hamilton reassured. The now about 20 centimeters shorter front wings are one of the few control technical changes for this World Cup, by less turbulent Nachströmung the driving behind and thus overtaking is easier. The Briton himself especially enjoyed the increase in the minimum weight for drivers. “I’m looking forward to eating something more,” joked the 34-year-old.

For Sebastian Vettel, his traditional start number five should become a good omen. In the fifth year, the German is finally his first title with Ferrari – the fifth overall – to succeed, as it succeeded in 2000, Michael Schumacher. “I think we should be doing very well,” said the 31-year- old, who is not sure after the appealing test appearances. “At Mercedes, from our point of view, it’s difficult to say exactly what will happen.” In addition to the duel with Hamilton, Vettel has to maintain his internal status as the number one Scuderia relative to newcomer Charles Leclerc. This was awarded to him by Neo team boss Mattia Binotto for the start of the season, a long-term guarantee but there is not. “The course of the season will show how things unfold. The boys are free, to fight on the track. We need that in order to achieve their best, their maximum, “said the 49-year-old, who replaced Maurizio Arrivabene in January.

Motorsport enthusiasts hope in 2019 also that Red Bull with Max Verstappen makes the title hunt a three-way fight. The successful engine change to Honda (“The best we could do”) has not only made confidence grow at Motorsport consultant Helmut Marko. “Five wins are the minimum that I expect, and I believe that you also have a certain World Cup chance,” said the Styrian, who sees his team behind Ferrari, but just ahead of Mercedes. “We are convinced that we can drive victories out of our own strength.”

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