Published On: Sun, Mar 10th, 2019

Good Landing On Water Confirmed By “Crew Dragon”

The space capsule “Crew Dragon” of the private space company SpaceX has successfully returned to Earth after six days in space.


Live footage of the US space agency Nasa showed how the private space capsule “Crew Dragon” landed on four large parachutes landed on Friday in the Atlantic Ocean. “Crew Dragon” should make it possible in the future to send astronauts from the USA into space. NASA spoke of a “milestone”.

“Good water landing confirmed by Dragon,” tweeted SpaceX. The parachutes opened without problems. With the landing, the space company founded by Tesla boss Elon Musk proved that it is able to realize a manned space mission. The re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere was also the first endurance test for the heat shield of the capsule. SpaceX founder Musk had previously described this phase as “probably my biggest concern”.

Launched last Saturday with a Falcon 9 rocket from the US Cape Canaveral spaceport in Florida, “Crew Dragon” docked with the International Space Station on Sunday. On board was a life-size doll instead of astronauts.

Nasa boss Jim Bridenstine called the successful test flight a “milestone in the new era of manned space flight”. “Crew Dragon” was the first man-made spacecraft of a private company to launch at the ISS and the first in eight years to be launched from the United States.

The US space shuttle program was discontinued in 2011. Since then, US astronauts have only been able to reach the ISS with Russian Soyuz rockets. The contract with Russia expires in November. Then SpaceX and Boeing will take over.

The Nasa wants to bring astronauts into space this year for the first time with a SpaceX rocket. SpaceX has already sent its space capsule “Dragon” to the ISS several times, but so far only with cargo on board. In addition, NASA plans to bring back two US spacemen with the “Crew Dragon” from the ISS to Earth in the coming months.

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