Published On: Sun, Mar 31st, 2019

The Strange North Korea Trip Of A Terrorist

The Christchurch assassin was on his journey, attended by three Austrians, barely on. Only the booking through the Swedish tour operator was bizarre.


Three young tourists smile broadly at the camera, security forces are posing behind them, only a part of the uniform is visible. The picture was taken in September 2014, in front of the large monument Samjiyon in North Korea. The 15-meter-high bronze statue of state founder Kim Il-sung is a fixture on every North Korean tour.

One of the men in the photograph is Brenton Tarrant – the right-wing mass murderer who shot 50 people in two mosques on March 15 in Christchurch, New Zealand, including children. What was going through the mind of the Australian in North Korea today many wonders: Did he already believe in his confused racial theories? Did he travel to totalitarian North Korea because the Kim tyrants are so “successfully protecting the pure blood of their people,” as in right-wing extremist forums?

Questions that are probably synonymous Tarrants travel acquaintances. After North Korea, the Australian traveled with the Swedish tour operator Korea Konsult. 25 people were part of the group, including three Austrians – two Viennese and one Graz.

Tarrant had booked the two-week trip from Thailand. He was on a trip around the world, which he financed with his inheritance. The North Korea program was dense and led, inter alia, to Pyongyang, the iron city of Chongjin, to the mountains Paektu, Chilbo, and Kumgang.

Tarrant was in no way noticed, says a Korea-Consult employee to the press. His guide could not even remember him. Only the booking had been bizarre: As a job, the 22-year-old “retired” stated. And when asked, “I have enough money to retire, forever.”

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