Published On: Tue, Jan 29th, 2019

Trapped In The Elevator For Three Days

The cleaning lady of US billionaire Warren Stephens had to wait all weekend for her release from the fire department.

Trapped In Elevator

For three days, the cleaning lady of a New York billionaire was stuck in the elevator of his house. The fire department released the woman on Monday from her predicament, as a spokesman for the rescue said. The woman trapped in the elevator over the weekend apparently behaved well, but she was taken to a hospital for examination.

According to media reports, the cleaning lady for the billionaire investor Warren Stephens works in his luxury home on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. She wanted to use the elevator on Friday, while the Stephens family was away for the weekend. The elevator then got stuck between the second and third floor.

For previously unclear reasons, the cleaning lady could alert anyone. The Stephens family then noticed on Monday morning after their return to the house that the elevator was not working. The alarmed fire department lifted the doors of the elevator and rescued the woman.

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